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Affordable Supplies for Your Farm & Home

Owning a farm and a home is hard work. Beyond having to nurture the seed in your garden or your farm, there is always something in need of repair. Thrashers Feed and Supply has the farm and home hardware you need.

Property Repair

Whether you've added to your flock, or incurred some recent damage, you can keep your clucking chickens and gobbling turkeys safe from the wily fox by installing poultry wire. If last night's storm knocked over part of a fence, you can get the fencing material you need, including gates and hinges, to keep your children and animals safe.

Repair Equipment

Farm equipment can be expensive. You may have inherited your tractor from family, or want your family to inherit from you. As such, you'll want to do everything you can to keep your tractor or planter in working condition. When you have a repair you need to make, we can provide you with the nuts, bolts, and chains you need in Woodstock, Sumiton, and Bessemer, Alabama.

Tractor Tilling Land